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CONGRATULATIONS to 2018 winners



A summary of the weekend’s event.


<HACKNELSON> is a collaborative event that brings Nelson’s business people, software developers and creatives together to solve real problems. Local organisations will pitch problems in August for teams to solve over 48 hours in September.

<HACKNELSON> is a digital innovation weekend focused on unleashing the potential of our region's businesses.

Teams are formed, and participants work all weekend with the support of our talented mentors. On Sunday, teams present their concepts and prototypes, and the judging panel award prizes.

On top of the money, prizes and profile gained by taking part, the other massive benefit of <HACKNELSON> are the connections and mutual opportunities created between local businesses and innovative people in the Nelson Tasman region.


Should i attend? 


<HackNelson> is a “roll-up-the-sleeves” innovation event. A chance to spend 48 hours with dozens of smart, passionate people, working in teams to solve practical business problems affecting the Nelson/Tasman region. 5-10 local businesses will present one problem or opportunity each.

Teams of creatives, business people and developers will form and choose a problem they want to solve. Over the course of a weekend the teams will design and prototype a solution (usually software based), hone their understanding of a business opportunity and then present a winning pitch.


Creatives - UI / UX / Designers

Our modern world depends on an exciting fusion of artistic design and technical wizardry. HackNelson can open new windows of opportunity for our regional businesses but to do this we need you!

If you like fun, focus and friends then come and spend a weekend working on the creative application of software and the communication of powerful new ideas.

There will be real customers to work for and software developers who urgently need your help. Whether you love marketing, branding, or design there are things to learn and roles to fill.


Would you enjoy the chance to try out new ideas and new technology in a low risk environment? How about machine learning in horticulture or aquaculture? Do you like challenges and learning new things? HackNelson is a great opportunity to learn cool stuff, meet new people, and use your software skills to unlock opportunities.

Where else can you pull an all-nighter with people you’ve never met before, solve technical challenges you didn’t think possible, wow a big audience with your software and win cash prizes?



Business People

The glue that holds the developers and the creatives together is the business problem. Someone needs to curate that problem. Every team taking part in HackNelson will need analysts, managers and sales people.

Please come along, learn from the smart people around you and contribute your experience and business knowledge.

Nelson/Tasman Businesses


Established primary industry businesses are the heart of this event. They provide the relevance and purpose for innovative technology solutions. <HackNelson> is about understanding business roadblocks and business opportunities, then designing new approaches to exploit those opportunities and leap-frog those roadblocks. If your business could benefit from the help of 80 smart minds to help solve your problems, then email us now at info@hacknelson.co.nz

The HackNelson organisation team will ensure protection of your privacy and commercialisation rights.  

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